Best AI Side Hustles (Exclusive Guide)

Best AI Side Hustles Guide

Welcome to my Free Guide on the best AI Side Hustles for 2024 and beyond.

My name is Ryan and I am passionate about AI and making money online, so thanks for being here!

I have used these side hustles myself to make $5K+ per month online.

My Interview about AI on the Creator Files Podcast

I am just like you – Trying to “make it” one day at a time. And luckily, AI is now here to help.

I’ve spent hours learning ChatGPT and have tested 100+ AI tools. I’ve been featured on Yahoo Finance, ConsumerAffairs, and several podcasts.

So let’s dive in and explore AI side hustles to make some extra money online. There is a side hustle for everyone!

Disclaimer: All of these AI side hustles take work and success is not guaranteed. Like anything in life – You get out what you put in!

Best AI Side Hustles for 2024

1. AI Consulting

AI Consulting is my favorite side hustle right now for several reasons.

Understand that the average business owner (or person in general) wants to leverage AI but has NO IDEA where to begin or how to use it.

Speaking at a Corporate Event about AI
Speaking at a Corporate Event about AI

Whether it’s showing the basics of ChatGPT, prompting tips, or recommending your favorite AI tools, business owners are craving to learn about AI.

AI consulting is something I offer. My consulting rate is $150/hour but you can charge whatever you feel is best.

Speaking at a Conference about AI
Speaking at a Conference about AI

So spend time to learn ChatGPT and how to craft effective prompts, and then charge people to pick your brain!

Now if you are someone seeking one-on-one AI assistance, click the link below to get in touch with me.

Book Me for AI Consulting

2. AI-Based Affiliate Marketing Sites

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to make money online.

In fact, I made over $100K last year through affiliate marketing in different niches.

Search Performance for my Tech Affiliate Site

Creating a “niche site” focused on affiliate products using AI tools is a great way to generate persuasive content about the products you are promoting.

AI Insider Tips is an AI-based Affiliate Site

You can also copy and paste the text from the products sales page into an AI tool and ask it to summarize the product. Use the summary as a blog post. You can also have it create lists of features, benefits, pros and cons, and more.

AI Insider Tip: If you want your content to rank high for valuable keywords, you should polish it with your own voice and images.

Recommended AI Writing Tools:

3. Convert Long Videos to Short Form Videos

There are AI tools out there like Opus Clip that can repurposes long form videos into short videos.

This means you can take a YouTube video and in minutes turn that into 10+ short clips for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, etc.

Using AI to Create Shorts for my YouTube Channel

So find some YouTubers or businesses that are looking for efficient ways to publish more short form videos, charge them, save them time, and stack as many clients as you can handle!

Recommended Tool: Opus Clip

4. Offer Copywriting Services

There are dozens of AI writing tools that you can leverage for copywriting services.

Whether it’s blogs for businesses, landing pages, emails, eCommerce product descriptions, or creating ad copy, you can use AI tools to help.

Reach out to businesses who need copywriting help and create a profile sites like on Upwork/Fiverr and you’re off!

Recommended AI Copywriting Tools:

5. Create a Faceless YouTube Channel

Faceless YouTube Channels is another side hustle to explore using AI.

There are tools available like InVideo, Pika, or Runway that can generate AI videos from text prompts.

Have you ever seen those “White Noise” or “Meditation” YouTube videos that get millions of views? There is opportunity.

Example of a Faceless YouTube Channel Making $$$

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – this side hustle takes work. But if done correctly, you can get monetized on YouTube and start earning $1,000+ per month!

Recommended AI Tools:

6. Create & Sell AI Images

AI image generation is getting better by the day. Midjourney and DALLE are making it hard to distinguish real images from AI-generated images.

AI-generated images from Midjourney

So how can you make money from this? Here are a few ideas:

  • Create adult coloring books
  • Sell AI-generated stock images on Adobe Stock
  • Create & sell YouTube Thumbnails to content creators
  • Create logos, graphics, designs, etc. and sell your services to businesses

Recommended Tools:

7. Writing & Selling eBooks

Similar to copywriting services, you can also leverage AI tools to write eBooks.

Whether it’s children’s books, informational books, or fictional stories, AI can help you write eBooks!

Writing & Selling eBooks

Use ChatGPT or Claude to write the book for you and then use Midjourney or another AI image generator to create images for the pages.

You can then sell your book through Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform in both digital and physical copies.

Recommended Tools:

8. Selling Prompts

The concept of “Prompt Engineering” is now mainstream and people are paying good money for prompts.

Whether it’s ChatGPT or Midjourney prompts, there will always be a demand for good prompts.

PromptBase Dashboard

Tools like PromptBase are popping up where you can list your best prompts for sale and make a few dollars!

Recommended Tools:

9. Manage Advertising Campaigns

There are AI tools for creating high-quality ads for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.

A tool like AdCreative will write the copy, find the perfect image, and help with the targeting.

AdCreative AI Interface

You would use AI to create the ads and sell ad management as a service. You just need to find clients and run the software on their behalf.

Recommended Tools:

10. Podcast Editing & Management

Podcasting is not slowing down in 2024. In fact, there are over 5 million podcasts in the world.

So there is no shortage of demand for podcast editing, management, and distribution.

Tools like Descript incorporate AI into podcast editing to make this process much easier.

Descript Interface

You can then use an AI tool like Murf to create AI generated music and voices.

And then of course ChatGPT comes into play with podcast ideas, titles, descriptions, show notes, images, etc.

Reach out to podcasters who need help and charge them hourly or on a retainer.

Recommended Tools:

Final Note

Thanks again for getting my free guide! There are literally dozens of AI side hustles to help you make money online.

I will continue to update this guide as AI keeps changing!

Affiliate Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links where AI Insider Tips may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our visitors. I will never promote something that I personally don’t use or recommend. Purchasing through my links directly supports AI Insider Tips which keeps the free content and videos coming. Thank you! 

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