Google Gemini vs ChatGPT – Which AI Chatbot is Better?

Google Gemini vs ChatGPT – Which AI Chatbot is Better?

Google Gemini vs ChatGPT

The following guide compares Google Gemini vs ChatGPT.

As consumers increasingly rely on chatbots for various tasks, it is essential to evaluate their performance, functionality, and overall user experience.

Google recently unveiled Gemini, its latest AI language model integrated into the popular chatbot, Bard. The aim is for Gemini-powered Bard to rival the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

To determine which chatbot reigns supreme, a series of comprehensive tests were conducted, encompassing various areas such as mathematics, writing skills, general knowledge, coding prowess, handling contradictory information, and more.

These evaluations will shed light on which AI chatbot excels in terms of accuracy, reasoning abilities, and user satisfaction.

Google Gemini Now Inside Bard (Video Guide)

Google Gemini vs ChatGPT: Key Takeaways

  • Google Gemini and ChatGPT are prominent AI chatbots competing for superiority.
  • Performance, functionality, and user experience are crucial factors to compare.
  • Comprehensive tests were conducted to evaluate their capabilities in multiple areas.
  • The tests covered mathematics, writing skills, general knowledge, coding, and handling contradictory information.
  • Findings will reveal which chatbot performs better in terms of accuracy, reasoning, and user satisfaction.

Evaluating Mathematical Abilities

Bard and ChatGPT were tested on their mathematical problem-solving abilities, specifically in the area of integration and step-by-step calculations.

Both chatbots were given a complex expression to integrate and were required to provide detailed instructions for solving the problem.

Bard’s Approach

Bard tackled the mathematical problem by breaking it down into a series of seven steps. It provided a systematic approach to solving the problem, guiding the user through each calculation and explaining the reasoning behind the steps. Bard’s instructions were clear and concise, making it easier for users to understand the integration process.

ChatGPT’s Approach

ChatGPT, on the other hand, approached the problem with a slightly different strategy. It took six steps to solve the integration problem, providing a more streamlined approach compared to Bard. ChatGPT’s instructions were also detailed and logical, ensuring that the user could follow along and replicate the solution.

Chatbot Number of Steps
Bard 7
ChatGPT 6

While there were variations in the number of steps taken by Bard and ChatGPT, the accuracy of their solutions was comparable. Both chatbots provided correct answers, showcasing their mathematical capabilities and ability to guide users through complex calculations. The integration category resulted in a tie between Bard and ChatGPT, highlighting their proficiency in solving mathematical problems.

Analyzing Writing Skills

In this section, we will evaluate the writing skills of Google’s Gemini-powered Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT. To assess their abilities in handling ambiguous writing, the chatbots were tasked with creating a short story based on a given starter sentence. We will examine their creativity, humor, and coherence in the context of these short stories.

Creative Short Stories

Bard’s short story stood out for its unique and bizarre elements, showcasing its creativity and imagination. The story took unexpected twists and turns, capturing our attention with its unconventional plot. The use of vivid descriptions and clever wordplay added to the overall enjoyment of the story. On the other hand, ChatGPT’s story lacked the same level of creativity. It followed a more predictable narrative, lacking the imaginative elements that make a story truly engaging.

Sense of Humor

When it comes to humor, Bard’s story once again outshined ChatGPT’s. Bard incorporated witty remarks, clever jokes, and amusing situations throughout the narrative, demonstrating its ability to infuse humor into its writing. ChatGPT’s story, while not devoid of humor, lacked the same level of comedic flair. The jokes and humorous elements felt somewhat forced and less natural compared to Bard’s storytelling style.

Cohesive Narrative

Coherence is an essential aspect of any well-written story. In terms of coherence, Bard’s story flowed smoothly from beginning to end. The narrative was well-structured, with each event logically leading to the next. The transitions between scenes were seamless, creating a cohesive and enjoyable reading experience. ChatGPT’s story, while coherent overall, had occasional moments of disjointedness. Some parts of the story felt disconnected, lacking a clear progression or seamless integration between ideas.

Chatbot Creativity Humor Cohesion
Bard High High High
ChatGPT Medium Medium Medium

Testing General Knowledge

In order to assess the general knowledge capabilities of Google Gemini-powered Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a question with a disputed answer was posed. The question asked about the southernmost state in the United States and the corresponding latitude of its most southerly point. Both chatbots correctly identified Hawaii as the southernmost state and provided the latitude of the most southerly point. However, Bard’s response stood out for explicitly mentioning the distinction of being the southernmost point in the continental United States. This attention to detail gave Bard a slight edge in this category.

To further evaluate their reasoning abilities, both chatbots were asked to explain their answers. Both Bard and ChatGPT provided reasoned responses, showcasing their capabilities in analyzing and processing information. Although their explanations were similar, Bard’s response demonstrated a more comprehensive understanding of the topic, specifically mentioning the distinction between the city limit and metropolitan area population. This indicated a higher level of reasoning and accuracy in Bard’s performance in this category.

Evaluating General Knowledge: Southernmost State in the United States and Latitude of Most Southerly Point

Chatbot Southernmost State Latitude of Most Southerly Point Reasoning
Bard Hawaii 18.91°N
  • Explicitly mentioned that it is the southernmost point in the continental United States.
ChatGPT Hawaii 18.91°N
  • No specific mention of the continental United States distinction.

Based on their performance in this category, it can be concluded that Bard demonstrates a stronger command of general knowledge with a slightly higher level of accuracy and reasoning abilities compared to ChatGPT.

Assessing Coding Skills

As part of our evaluation of the Google Gemini-powered Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we assessed their coding skills by presenting them with a coding problem. The task involved writing a program that prints out the lyrics to “Happy Birthday” using an obscure programming language. While ChatGPT successfully completed the task, showcasing its coding capabilities and explaining the process, Bard refused to complete it, stating that it is not designed for code generation.

ChatGPT’s ability to successfully execute the coding problem demonstrates its compatibility with a wider range of programming languages and its aptitude for code generation. On the other hand, Bard’s refusal indicates a limitation in its programming skills. This discrepancy between the two chatbots highlights the different functionalities and focus areas of these AI models.

Table: Comparison of Coding Skills

Bard ChatGPT
Completion of Coding Problem Refused Successful
Explanation of Process N/A Provided
Coding Language Compatibility Unknown Capable of handling obscure languages

Based on this analysis, ChatGPT emerges as the winner in the coding skills category. Its ability to complete the coding problem and provide an explanation showcases its versatility and understanding of programming languages. While Bard’s refusal is understandable given its primary focus on language tasks, it does highlight a limitation in its coding capabilities.

Handling Contradictory Information

In this category, we tested the chatbots’ ability to analyze and explain contradictory information. They were presented with conflicting population data, sourced from an official report and a travel blog, and asked to provide a reasoned response.

Analysis of Contradictory Population Data

Both Bard and ChatGPT demonstrated an understanding of the discrepancy between the figures. Bard acknowledged the difference between city limit population and metropolitan area population, while ChatGPT also provided a comprehensive response, taking into account the specific distinction.

However, ChatGPT’s response was slightly more detailed and thorough in explaining the differences. It highlighted the specific population figures mentioned in the official report and the travel blog, as well as the reasons behind the discrepancy. ChatGPT’s reasoning and analysis were particularly notable in this category.

Bard ChatGPT
Response Addressed the distinction between city limit and metropolitan area population. Provided a more comprehensive explanation, including specific figures and reasons for the discrepancy.
Reasoning Well-reasoned response, accounting for different population definitions. Detailed analysis, showcasing a deeper understanding of the contradictory information.

The analysis of contradictory population data revealed that both Bard and ChatGPT were able to reason and provide insightful explanations. However, ChatGPT’s response demonstrated a slightly greater depth of analysis and understanding. Therefore, in this category, ChatGPT performed better in handling contradictory information.


After evaluating the performance of Google’s Gemini-powered Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we have found that both AI chatbots possess impressive capabilities. However, when comparing their performance across different categories, Bard emerged as the winner in three out of seven questions.

Bard showcased its strengths in creativity, reasoning, and handling of contradictory information. Its ability to generate unique and coherent stories set it apart from ChatGPT in the writing skills category. In addition, Bard demonstrated a strong grasp of reasoning in analyzing and explaining discrepancies in contradictory information.

While ChatGPT excelled in coding skills and provided a detailed explanation of the process, its overall performance fell slightly behind Bard. It is important to note that the evaluation was conducted using Bard’s Gemini Pro version, and OpenAI’s GPT-4 remains a technically superior model.

In conclusion, Bard, powered by Google Gemini, showed great potential as an AI chatbot. Its performance in the evaluated categories, including creativity, reasoning, and handling of contradictory information, set it apart as the winner in this performance comparison.


How does Google Gemini compare to ChatGPT in terms of performance?

Google Gemini and ChatGPT were evaluated across different categories to assess their performance in areas such as math, writing, general knowledge, coding, contradictory information, and reasoning abilities.

What mathematical abilities were tested in the evaluation?

The chatbots were tested on a math problem involving the integration of a complex expression. Both Bard and ChatGPT provided step-by-step instructions and solutions.

How were the chatbots’ writing skills analyzed?

The chatbots were asked to create a short story based on a given starter sentence to assess their creativity and ability to handle reasoning tasks.

What general knowledge capabilities were tested?

A question with a disputed answer was posed to evaluate the chatbots’ general knowledge. Both Bard and ChatGPT correctly identified Hawaii as the southernmost U.S. state and provided relevant information.

How were the coding skills of the chatbots assessed?

The chatbots were presented with a coding problem to write a program that prints out the lyrics to “Happy Birthday” using an obscure programming language.

How did the chatbots handle contradictory information?

Both Bard and ChatGPT provided reasoned responses when given contradictory information to analyze and explain the discrepancy.

Which chatbot performed better in the evaluation?

After evaluating the performance of Google’s Gemini-powered Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Bard emerged as the winner in three out of seven categories, including creativity, reasoning, and handling of contradictory information.

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